First WIAT

19 Oct

Don’t think that I had this for my breakfast…:)Breakfast was actually including a block of no sugar added chocolate, four vanilla oreos, one serving of Hale & Hearty brownie and two fresh figs.I was too excited when I’ve gone through millions of gluten free eating blog and so decided to open my pack of Cherrybrook Kitchen chocolate chips cookie. Their pancake mix contained SUPER LITTLE chocolate chips.:(So nice, gooey little drop.:)Then it came to lunchtime with grandma, and i finished the whole dish of broccoli and tomato. I LOVE ALL kinds of vegetables, didn’t i mention?

"The dark chocolate cup is the perfect choice for dark chocolate fans with
a layer of dark ganache and an 85% chocolate glaze, decorated with dark
chocolate pieces. The triple chocolate pleasure guarantees a lingering aftertaste."

"The sophisticated dessert lover's choice, this milk chocolate cup is filled
with a pear confit, almond praline and a milk chocolate glaze, sprinkled
with caramelized almond pieces."

Successfully winning a free ticket form the Hong Kong Ballet, I went to tsim sha tsui after visiting the doctor, 
by the way, no weight gaining at all today.:(

The green tea mochi hidden in the middle was not as good as you thought, trust me.

Finishing my cup of hot drink in starbucks, I was just feeling so, wanting to know whether it can be put into the microwave and heat up.
It turned out DO CAN! I can pour the icy cold rice milk into it and heat right the way easily without a pot.

Addiction on hummus again, this was a measured 100kcal portion actually, 
eaten with unpictured fresh pear, eight chocolate chips cookies, 
three dates with two chocolate blocks and one stuffed with creamy PB.
Ah ha, do you like crunchy or creamy?